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As Host and Producer of Alive with Clive – The TV Show Where Today’s Top Singer-Songwriters Thrive, I love to listen to songs by world-renowned singer-songwriters with songs on the charts, and to songs by singer-songwriters featured on Alive with Clive, that deal with the impact of the choices we make on our journey through life.

One such song that has become a huge hit is the song, “7 Years,” by Lukas Graham, the top band in the Denmark.

Lukas Graham, 7 Years, Quote

Here is the music video for “7 Years” by Lukas Graham:

And here are the lyrics:

Lyrics to '7 Years' by Lukas Graham
I was reminded of “7 Years” when I created the video clip for the song, “25,” by Elaine Romanelli, a recent guest on Alive with Clive, in which she reflects upon the different stages of life at different ages.

Here is the video clip of “25” by Elaine Romanelli on Alive with Clive:

And here are the lyrics:

Lyrics to '25' by Elaine Romanelli

After reflecting upon these two songs, I found myself thinking about the song, “My Creation,” by Jeneen Terrana, since I saw her perform this song again at an event on April 22, 2016, at Life The Place To Be in Ardsley, New York.

As mentioned is a Press Release I published about “My Creation” several years ago:

“The lyrics to Jeneen Terrana’s song, My Creation, emphasize that we all have within us the power to choose what we want to create for our lives without being shackled by decisions of the past, and themes of love and peace, as well as being courageous and fully self expressed, reverberate throughout the song. . . .”

In the song, Jeneen sings:

I read somewhere that our lives are the way they are
Because of the choices we’ve made or failed to make
I read somewhere else
That hell is denying who we really are inside
Here’s a quote for you:
“Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around”
That’s from Vanilla Sky
The good news is change is a constant
Which way a thing changes
Well, that depends on you, and what you choose

Here is the video clip of “My Creation” by Jeneen Terrana on Alive with Clive:

And here are the lyrics:

Lyrics to 'My Creation' by Jeneen Terrana

Now the theme running through all these songs, really, is that our lives are going to turn out the way they turn out based on the choices we make.

While we might receive advice from people around us or we might rely on our own internal guidance system or intuition, ultimately the outcomes we experience in life will depend on the choices we make.

And the choices we make will be determined by the thoughts we think.

So, if we want to fulfill our dreams in life, we must think the thoughts that will enable us to attract into our lives the ideas, people and circumstances to cause the possibilities we invent for our lives to become realities.


When the movie, The Secret, was released by Rhonda Byrne in 2006, it attracted a lot of interest and attention because it sought to show that we can create what we want for our lives with the aid of the Law of Attraction.

With 20/20 hindsight, though, it turns out that there is a lot more to the Law of Attraction and manifesting than meets the eye.

In fact, I have since learned from Bob Proctor, who was featured in The Secret, that there is a BIG secret missing from The Secret and it must be discovered in order for one to turn possibilities into realities.

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