You’re Invited: Live VideoCast with Law of Attraction Teachers

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A lot has been happening with the launch of Mind Movies 4.0, the phenomenal software that enables you to train your brain to attract what you want into your life much faster.

Links to Interviews

In previous Blog posts, I’ve provided links to interviews with:

VideoCast with Natalie Ledwell and Dr. Joe Vitale

I also mentioned that there was a VideoCast with Natalie Ledwell and Dr. Joe Vitale this past Saturday.

To see the replay of this VideoCast, which won’t be available after today, click here.

You’re Invited! — Wednesday, February 4, 9 p.m. Eastern

Now, I’ve just received word that Natalie Ledwell, founder of Mind Movies, is presenting another VideoCast at 9 p.m. Eastern tomorrow, Wednesday, February 4, with Law of Attraction teachers, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Sonia Ricotti.

To register for this VideoCast, click here.

If you haven’t yet seen the Special Report I’ve compiled from all these phenomenal interviews, 10 Keys to Faster Manifesting with the Law of Attraction, you can still get access to it now while it’s still available after you click here.

And to see the recent Press Release I issued about it, New Special Report Provides 10 Keys To Faster Manifesting with The Law Of Attraction, click here.

“Bryan’s Song” by Jessica Labus 

If you saw the video with Dr. Joe Dispenza, you will appreciate how essential inspiring music and songs are for any Mind Movie you create to manifest your dreams faster.

Jess Labus, one of today’s top singer-songwriters, performed one of my favorite inspiring songs, “Bryan’s Song,” from her CD, Mirrors, on Alive with Clive.

Here’s the chorus from the song:

“Sometimes we have to feel the pain
To be guided to where our strength remains
Don’t hide it inside you let it change
And you’ll be guided to what your heart is saying”
~ Jess Labus, Bryan’s Song

Take a few moments now to enjoy this clip of Jess singing “Bryan’s Song” a few years ago on Alive with Clive:

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