5 Vital Powerful Secrets for Success I’ve Learned from Bob Proctor

Hi Friends:

Like many others, I first became aware of Bob Proctor in 2006 when I watched the very successful movie, The Secret, which was created by Rhonda Byrne in collaboration with several practitioners of the Law of Attraction.

Since then I have become curious, intrigued, fascinated and immersed in getting to know as much as possible about how to apply the Law of Attraction in my own life to accomplish my goals and fulfill my dreams.

It has not been a quick and easy process. It has taken many years and thousands of hours of intense study and listening to programs by several mentors, including Bob Proctor, to find the combination of thoughts and actions that will lead me to where I ultimately want to go, and beyond.

As a result of my investigation, exploration and experience, I have distilled five vital powerful secrets for success I’ve learned from Bob Proctor that I apply on a daily basis.

I am realizing, furthermore, that as I continue to implement these secrets, the rate at which I am beginning to accomplish my goals and achieve the results I have been visualizing for myself and my life is accelerating.

I am thus excited to share these secrets with you now.

They are available for you in a Special Report, 5 Vital Powerful Secrets for Success I’ve Learned from Bob Proctor:

These 5 secrets are certainly not the only secrets you need to know and apply in your life to achieve success.

Without these secrets, though, it is going to take you a lot longer to fulfill your dreams, and you might not fulfill them at all.

Since I love acronyms, I have put these principles together in the form of an acronym, . . .


It’s an acronym that fits, since each secret in the set of 5 really could be said to involve a code, and so there are five CODES.

With the CODES, you will be fully equipped to pursue and ultimately accomplish any goal you set for yourself.

Before you begin to discover the CODES, though, to harness their full power I recommend that you take time to think about and create for yourself an extraordinary goal — not a goal that is easily attainable or one you already know how to accomplish with a little bit of stretching, but a goal you currently have no idea how to accomplish.

To get the most value from the CODES, you want it to be a goal that takes you way beyond your comfort zone and is beyond the scope of your current knowledge and ability.

The kind of goal I have in mind is akin to when President John F. Kennedy announced early in the 60’s that by the end of the decade America was going to send a man to the moon, or when Henry Ford called upon his engineers to build an engine with eight cylinders when they insisted it was impossible to build an engine with more than six.

In other words, a goal that currently can be seen and exists only in your imagination.

OK, so now that you have that extraordinary goal in mind, and are probably thinking to yourself, “there is no way that goal can be accomplished, it’s impossible,” you are in the perfect frame of mind to begin to discover the CODES.

I honestly cannot wait to share them with you.

To discover the CODES, click here.

Best regards.


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