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For evidence that the Law of Attraction works for those who are among its strongest proponents, one need look no further than at the lives of some of the teachers of the Law of Attraction who were interviewed in Rhonda Byrne’s movie, The Secret, other than famous proponents of the Law of Attraction, Bob Proctor, and Esther Hicks from Abraham-Hicks.

John Assaraf

John Assaraf, for example, shares on his Web site that he is a self-made multi-millionaire, and an international best-selling author with books in print in over 30 languages. He has built five multi-million-dollar companies in real estate, Internet software, business coaching and consulting, and brain research. He lives in a gorgeous, six-acre estate in sunny Southern California, and takes regular vacations with his family to exotic locations like Bora Bora, Hawaii and the Caribbean. He lectures all over the world on mastering the inner game of wealth, business and success. And he has been a frequent guest on many major media shows worldwide.

But as a kid he says he was a misfit with a bad attitude about school, and practically lived in the principal’s office. His teachers wrote him off, taking bets on when he’d land in jail, and all his father hoped for was that he’d get a steady job earning minimum wage.

John struggled in school, was the target for school-yard bullies, was plagued by limiting beliefs, had low self-esteem and made few friends. By the time he reached his teens, “normal” to him meant feeling insecure and uncertain. He felt rejected by most classmates, and also had to deal with his father’s uncontrollable anger, so he ended up hanging around a group of trouble-making thugs. While later in his teens, his athletic skills ameliorated his situation to a degree, he still found himself leading a dual life, pretending to be a good boy on one hand, while lying and stealing on the other.

At the age of 19, John broke free from his troubled environment, moved to a different city and obtained his real estate license – the turning point in his life that wiped the slate clean of past transgressions.

Choose the Direction of Your ThoughtsThat’s when he says he began to learn about the awesome power within each one of us to change no matter what has happened to us, the power of GOD, our amazing brains, and the importance of setting goals and then becoming the person who can achieve them.

In The Secret, John shared how he created a vision board with a picture of his dream home, and five years later opened a box with a vision board and was astonished to realize that the home in which he was then living was the exact home depicted on his vision board.

Today, John is at the helm of a brain research and product development company to help people free themselves from the bondage of their past, bad habits and limited thinking, so they can acquire the confidence, certainty and personal power to achieve their life’s goals and purpose – by applying the Law of Attraction in their lives.

Jack Canfield

In his book, The Success Principles – How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, Jack Canfield shares that he first learned about the power of affirmations, a key ingredient for obtaining the most benefit from the Law of Attraction, when his mentor, the late W. Clement Stone, a multimillionaire who was worth $600 million in 1969, challenged him to set a goal so far beyond his current circumstances it would astound him if he achieved it.

Several years later, Jack decided to make the jump from earning $25,000 a year to $100,000. After crafting an affirmation that included the words, “I am happily and easily earning, saving, and investing $100,000 a year,” he affixed a huge replica of a $100,000 bill to the ceiling above his bed.

On awakening, he would see the bill, close his eyes, repeat his affirmation, and visualize what he would be enjoying if he were living a $100,000-a-year lifestyle. Soon thereafter, ideas for generating the $100,000 began to occur to him and that year he earned $92,000. Using affirmations and visualization, he has gone on to earn more than $1 million a year ever since.

Dr. Joe Vitale – Mr. Fire

Another teacher in The Secret is Dr. Joe Vitale, known as Mr. Fire. Thirty years ago he was broke, desperate and living on the street. Through a series of odd “coincidences”, he found his inner calling and has gone on to achieve great fame and success, and publish several best-selling books on the Law of Attraction, including The Attractor Factor, Attract Money Now, The Key and Expect Miracles. Today, he is one of the top copywriters in the world, and one of the most successful and respected marketers in the world.

Think and Grow Rich

No discussion of teachers of the Law of Attraction is complete, however, without a reference to what could indirectly be regarded as the seminal work on the subject, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. From such chapter titles in Think & Grow Rich as Thoughts Are Things, Desire, Faith, Autosuggestion, Imagination and The Subconscious Mind, it is clear that Napoleon Hill was writing about the Law of Attraction without naming it specifically. And in the chapter on The Brain – A Broadcasting and Receiving Station for Thought, he states that the subconscious mind is the “sending station” of the brain, through which vibrations of thought are broadcast, the creative imagination is the “receiving set,” through which the energies of thought are picked up, and that autosuggestion or visualization is the process by which you put your “broadcasting” station into operation and transmute desire into reality.

In addition, it is quite possible that the secret to which he often referred in the beginning of the book, A Word from the Author, is the Law of Attraction.

The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey

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