The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is that like energy attracts like energy. The Law is based on the principle that we are all energy, everything in our world is energy, and we can influence this energy with our thoughts. Thus positive thoughts attract positive energy and negative thoughts attract negative energy.

What is “positive” and “negative” is subjective, though, so in applying the Law of Attraction in your life, it is necessary for you to create what YOU want, and generate the energy that matches what you want.

The Law of Attraction at one time was held as a highly-guarded secret only taught to those in positions of power who climbed to the top ranks of various secular societies. Due largely to the release and success of the movie and book by Rhonda Byrne, The Secret, in which several Law of Attraction teachers including Bob Proctor and Esther Hicks from Abraham-Hicks were featured, it has become widely known to the general public.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful force and is based on a Universal Law that is working all the time and affecting all the things around you. According to this Universal Law, whatever you focus on you are attracting into your life. It has always existed everywhere, it always will, and it works for everyone all of the time.

Much about the Law of Attraction that used to be considered metaphysical esoteric knowledge is now scientific fact substantiated by quantum physics.

Since the Law of Attraction is a Universal Law, it has nothing to do with what religion you follow or whether or not you believe in a certain type of God. It is a law of the universe that is just as natural as other scientific laws that we accept, such as the law of gravity.

How People Discover the Law of Attraction

Some people discover the Law of Attraction while looking for a solution to a financial hardship. While it may be disconcerting to accept at first, if you are experiencing a financial hardship, YOU have manifested it through the Law of Attraction.

Others discover the Law of Attraction while seeking to overcome a major health challenge. Again, the state of your current health is a result of the totality of the thoughts you have been thinking to produce the physical manifestation of that thinking. To better understand disease, therefore, one need simply closely examine the thoughts one has been thinking in the period leading up to the manifestation of the disease.

And another group of people discover the Law of Attraction in their quest to create the relationship of their dreams. Once again, stories abound about how people have met their soul mate after focusing their thoughts on the qualities and characteristics of the person with whom they want to share their life.

How to Apply the Law of Attraction

While the Law of Attraction has attracted a lot of attention and interest over the past few years as a result of the movie, The Secret, evidence indicates that many people have not yet learned how to apply to use the Law of Attraction properly to create the results they want.

Like learning to play golf or play the piano or the guitar, applying the Law of Attraction to produce the results we are seeking is a skill that requires learning as well as constant and consistent practice, together with the necessary actions to cause those results.

The good news, though, is that since we are continuously doing some form of thinking 24/7/365, while we are breathing we have ongoing opportunities to develop our skill at applying the Law of Attraction in conjunctions with the actions we take to produce the results we want in any and every area of our life.

Why the Law of Attraction Works

The Law of Attraction is basically the principle that whatever we think about we draw into our minds. In a nutshell, then, as soon as we can take control of our thinking and consciously change our thought processes, we will start to attract the things we want into our lives.

The Law of Attraction works because we all have one infinite Power, a God, Higher Power or Universe, and that we all guide ourselves by laws – natural laws of the universe, such as the law of gravity, cause and effect, polarity, action and reaction, and the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction can best be described as a magnetic force that causes like thoughts to attract like experiences. Since these laws of nature are so precise, when what a person is thinking is totally in alignment with what a person wants, he or she can accomplish miracles.

Magnetic Force of Attraction

Because the Law of Attraction says that everything in your life is attracted to you by your thoughts, the Universe takes these thoughts as instructions, and manifests what you think about and focus on, into your life’s experience. Thus it is vital to be cognizant of the instructions have you given the universe so far.

The Law of Attraction is an absolute. It does not discriminate. It simply is. Thus it can work both for and against you. To attract what you want into your life, it is imperative that you align your heart and mind to the outcome of your desire, the juicy positive thoughts and feelings of your dream come true that palpably resonate and act as a magnet to your goals.

The results you get from an application of the Law of Attraction can be misleading. While you may experience an outcome that you might regard as disappointing, in retrospect you might find that the disappointing outcome had to occur to teach you a vital lesson for your future or to pave the way for the outcome you were seeking, or possibly an even better outcome than one you imagined.

The Law of Attraction isn’t just about going from barely making it to the level of survival; it’s about experiencing life to the fullest on your journey to the realization of every one of your dreams.

Mission of This Web Site

The law of attraction is a wonderful tool. It can be used by anyone. We are all part of this universe and there is no reason why it will not hear your plea. You must have faith and you must be patient and if you apply the Law of Attraction correctly, you will find that it will soon be working for you.

On this Web site you will find information, tools, thought processes, resources and new Law of Attraction secrets to enable you to gain mastery in applying the Law of Attraction in your life so you become unconsciously competent at attracting into your life whatever you want with velocity, ease and grace!

The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey

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